Friday, 30 March 2012

How do you like your Salmon cooked?

Typically, the first meal I've cooked, bearing in mind I'm going to be blogging about it later, went slightly wrong! My lovely friends turned up to babysit, so I decided to cook and eat with them before heading to the pub. I used a recipe from Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals. It was tray-baked salmon, cooked with asparagus, romano peppers, chilli, cherry tomatoes, with pancetta. I made boiled new potatoes with some rosemary to go with. All looked very nice, smelled good, but when I plated up I realised the salmon wasn't really cooked! Hidden under all those vegetables, I guess it needed to be slightly higher up in the grill. Me and Him decided to put ours back in for a bit longer, but our friends - polite, or just starving? - thought it was nice that it was undercooked, like sushi! So they ate it. It did taste good.
And nicely set us up for a few glasses of wine.

Salmon with asparagus, chilli, and tomatoes...

...romano peppers, and topped with pancetta.

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