Sunday, 21 February 2016

Green's Steakhouse & Grill, Southgate - Restaurant Review

On a Saturday night in North London, where would a food blogger, a kitchen designer, a restaurant inspector and two other food lovers head out for dinner? Well, the place that has been number three on GQ Magazine's 'Top London Nights Out', of course - that's Green's Steakhouse & Grill in Southgate.

Yes, the expectations were high, what with pre-tweeting the owner, the good reviews and the promise of famous cocktails. No pressure.

The dining room was buzzing as we arrived. Luckily, as we had booked in advance, our table was waiting for us, though it seemed to be the last one. A full house (hosting some local Panto celebs!) with only two waiting staff meant we were rather thirsty before the cocktails arrived. Slightly disappointing without ice or garnish were the Woo Woo, the Cosmopolitan and the Peach Bellini. The classic Mojito, however, and its virgin counterpart, was spot on.

Although the service was unobtrusive, the staff were consistently polite and helpful when we were able to interrupt their scurrying between tables. Our food order probably stressed them out more than was necessary as we ordered some starters as mains and wanted everything together. Yes, fussy diners on Table 18... When it arrived the food was beautifully presented and ample portions.

Cocktails, Sticky Ribs
Meelion Burger, Gin Liver Parfait
Chocolate Brownie, Tea, Banoffee Pie
From the starter menu, we ordered Sticky Short Ribs and Gin Liver Parfait. The ribs, although a little on the fatty side, were succulent and flavoursome, and the parfait was polished off in no time at all.
On the side, Cider Batter Onion Rings, House 'Slaw' and French Fries served as the carb and vegetable dishes and very nice they were too.
From the main menu, there was a Meelion Burger - a 'fiery' burger with homemade Habanero pepper and African hot herb sauce - 'fiery' wouldn't have been my choice of words, but it was cooked well and more than filling. Being ladies, we overlooked the rather expensive steak and the gourmet hot dogs... perhaps next time we'll bring some boys to treat them to a post-football (watching) treat.

Desserts we shared were a delicious banoffee pie and warm chocolate brownie. End of the meal treats were just the right size and again, presented beautifully.

It's great to have a good quality local restaurant like Green's. I would definitely return and will be recommending it to all my North London friends. During the week, they do offers on food so it'll be worth trying on a less busy evening as a more casual outing. Another plus is they claim the ingredients are ethically sourced and freshly and traditionally cooked so good quality food is practically guaranteed.

Green's Steakhouse and Grill
52 High Street, Southgate, N14 6EB
020 8882 8833

Meal for 2 with wine ~£70-80
Deals available - see website.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Harry Potter Birthday Cake

 A friend's little girl turned 8 years old on Valentine's Day. I made her a Snow White cake for her 6th birthday and this year, her mum asked for a Harry Potter cake. How could I refuse? It's been a while since I made a novelty cake and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy doing it - when I have the time!
I used Nigella's fail-safe Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake recipe and I was inspired after watching CookWithMel's YouTube video (read: I totally copied her!). I love the gold lustre dust effect and the lettering was cut out of black sugarpaste, based on the Harry Potter font. I thought it looked quite impressive around the edge of the cake.
Panoramic of the edge of the cake