Tuesday, 18 July 2017

11th Birthday Cake

My little girl turns 11 years old today.

She is growing up too fast. Some days, she's a giggly cheeky little monkey, some days she has a teenage-type strop. But I love her. More.

And I love her style. She designed her birthday cake herself - three layers with flowers in her favourite colour blue. Inside is a chocolate brownie cake, the only cake she really likes. (Although only the top layer, the rest is Nigella's chocolate cake, which never fails me).

I improvised with the flowers, trying to cover the mess I made of the icing - glace icing on chocolate cake doesn't really work! The roses were made by following this tutorial - so simple to do.

She shared her party with her friend Katie (favourite colour - purple), born on the same day, and they've known each other since nursery. This is their last week at primary school together. It's the end of an era.

11th Birthday Cake

Happy birthday my beautiful girl.
I love you.