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Welcome to my little food world. I love food. Making it, baking it, eating it, writing about it, reading about it, watching other people enjoy it. This food blog started out as a little 'look what I made', and since starting it, I figured that, with food as my real passion, why not make it my job? So I am slowly embarking on a career change, from lab technician to foodie...

I taught myself to cook (yes, Mum is a brilliant cook, but I never bothered to learn how she did it, although she's still there if I need to ask her anything) by simply following recipes - or protocols, as we call them in the lab - from cookbooks and food magazines, and it seemed natural to adjust things to taste. Baking is, of course, a more precise science - so all those experimental protocols were of some use - but with deliciously edible results. I started off just enjoying eating out, and then realized that this dish could be made at home, by me, and taste just as good, sometimes better (i.e. more chilli!). For this reason, I NEVER order pasta or chicken in a restaurant - always choose something that I haven't or couldn't cook at home.

Now, I love to cook for supper clubs, bake cakes for friends and family, and write all about it. I write about it because I love to. Fabric magazine sometimes ask me along to a PR event, whereupon I get to sample some of the more luxurious treats in life, and then blog about it. I've recently joined LoveFoodLoveDrink (part of World of Zing) as a freelancer food writer. I'm also tentatively heading down the Food Stylist route, and have been on photoshoots with BBC Good Food, and Big Fish Design and again Fabric. Recently I worked with the fantastic food photographer Karen at Stem and Ginger to create our own recipes and photograph them. A proper shoot! Of course my own photos of food are smartphone-filtered and usually taken in a rush in the moments between cooking and eating, but it's all about the food for me, and I still have a lot to learn...

Annie Hall


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    1. How very exciting! Thanks for letting me know,

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