Sunday, 14 July 2013

Rainbow Magic Fairyland Palace Cake

My baby girl turns seven this week. She loves the Rainbow Magic books (we won't judge...) and wanted a RM party with a Fairyland Palace Cake. No problem! Although it did take me about two days...

The Brief
The Result

Rainbow Fairies

Marshmallow Krispie turrets

Chocolate cake - crumb coated and covered in pink fondant

Turrets rolled in pink fondant and brickwork scored

Fuschia pink doors and windows, purple teardrop roof tiles

A smaller cake, four fuschia turrets, and a bit of scaffolding

Marshmallows for clouds and pink battlements from fondant

Stick on the fairies - some of them can fly!
Try not to worry if the towers lean a bit. She will love it nonetheless!


  1. Oh my goodness Annie - this is a brilliant cake! Fortunately we seem to have grown out of Rainbow Magic books, but I could never have produced such a great cake.

    1. Aw, Thanks RJ! It was a bit tricky in the heat to be fair, those purple roof tiles took an aaaaage, and the turrets are quite bockety, but hey, she loved it and that's the important thing! A

  2. Impressive! Part of me really wants to do some fancy cakes and part of me is terrified. I satisfied myself with a beetle for my 5-year-old this year.

    1. Why Thank you! Oh do go for it, don't be scared! It is fun - and the best thing is (as a non-professional) the kids will love it no matter how it turns out - keep an open mind, and change things as you go along. Hours of fun!! I bet your 5-year-old loved the beetle!


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