Tuesday, 18 March 2014

3D Space Cookie Cutters - Starfighter!

 I often peruse the Science Museum Shop in search of a gift for one of the many parties that the kids go to, and I love to browse the kitchen stuff in there. If only I had the time and the space, I'd love to play with the Molecule R Mini Cocktail sets, the Wobble Wine glasses and even, in the name of Science, of course, the Kitchen Chemistry Set!
They sent me a set of 3D Space Cookie Cutters - Starfighter to try out at home. Nice packaging (we kept thinking it was a DVD lying around in the kitchen), and good solid cookie cutters. I made some orange and almond cookie dough, rolled it out and cut out several of each shape. When baked they are supposed to slot into each other so that you can make a space ship, or indeed, in this case, a star-fighter. I'm no cookie dough expert, but I followed my recipe as diligently as ever (ok, so not very!) and used the cutters, as instructed...
cookie cutters
3D Space Cookie Cutters
They didn't 'slot' exactly... perhaps it was my cookie dough - rolled out too thick perhaps, or they may have self-raised a little more than was intended.
But it was fun to play with, and they tasted good!
 We tried gluing them with some melted chocolate... that helped!
Overall I think they are a very good idea, and if you can get your dough just right I'm sure they would piece together nicely. Other sets available are Rocket, Shuttle and Space Buggy (that one does look tricky!). A few scientific experiments to test a variety of conditions, perhaps are in order? Chocolate chips anyone?
Available on the Science Museum Shop online.

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  1. agree that this is a great idea - although the execution might be more difficult - Im sure I'd ever get something like that to work!


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