Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Godiva Chocolates launch A Conference of Chocolate at Hix Selfridges

It was an honour to be invited, on behalf of Fabric, along to the launch of the Godiva Challenge winning dessert by Heather Bennett at Hix Selfridges.

Yours truly, Heather, and Pip

Not only did I get to meet Heather again, chat to her about her experiences since winning the challenge, and mingle with other press people, I also got to TASTE the dessert itself.
A Conference of Chocolate

A combination of chocolate and almond crumb, pear sorbet, honey and chocolate mousse, caramelized poached Kent pears, and toasted nuts, all arranged professionally and most beautifully on the dish. It tasted divine. Just divine. I wanted to lick the plate. The seasonality of the pears, and the locally sourced honey mean that only a limited number per day can be freshly prepared, so it was no surprise that of all the desserts ordered and served at Hix that evening, half were Heather's dish and it sold out by 7.30pm! For a debut dessert, that is fantastic.The chefs at Hix have had Heather show them how to make and present her dessert, and on this, the launch evening, they didn't change anything! It was just as she envisioned.

If you want to taste a little piece of heaven (and perhaps sample a chocotini too - vodka martini, dry vermouth, and shaved Godiva chocolate sprinkles - and believe me, you should!) then get yourself there, before it's all gone!


A Conference of Chocolate will be served at Hix Selfridges for a limited time. If the demand is there, they may keep it on for longer...  so go and demand it!
Heather chooses her dessert from the Hix menu!
You can read Heather's own reflections on the evening here.

Photos by John Gough.


  1. I'm so glad you finally got to taste it Annie, it was a brilliant event and good to get some godiva goodies again also :-)

    1. Me too Heather, believe me! Looking forward to seeing much more of your chocolate adventures soon. A xx

  2. Wow! sounds like an amwazing dessert and what a great evening - good for you :-)


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