Thursday, 2 July 2015

Chocolate Masterclass with Godiva

It's Wimbledon! Even for a non-sports fan like me, getting swept along with all the kerfuffle of tennis is inevitable at this time of year. Nice to see Federer as part of the furniture and pin our hopes on Andy doing it again. For the ladies, I'm watching Caroline Wozniacki this year. Simply cos I met her at a recent Chocolate Masterclass at Harrods, and she seemed like a nice girl!

Fabric Magazine sent me along to join in with Godiva's chief chocolatier Jean Apostolou showcasing some new chocolates available only for a limited time - Wimbledon! They are named for Caroline, and taste like strawberries and cream on the inside. Caroline is the new ambassador for Godiva Chocolates. Lucky lucky girl.

Caroline, by Godiva
Caroline Wozniacki
Photo courtesy of LuxxPR
But back to why I was there. To make sweet things. Chef Jean had prepared some biscuit bases, and we were given strawberry mousse (50% white chocolate, 50% butter, flavoured with fresh strawberries to taste. Blended and left overnight. Whipped up to the correct consistency just before use). This was piped inside the biscuits, and then they were dipped in tempered chocolate and allowed to stand until dry. While standing, Chef Jean showed us how to pipe pretty little flowers on top with a small flower nozzle and more mousse. Then sprinkles to decorate. Simple.
But I expect the preparation took all morning!

My efforts at creating strawberry mousse filled treats
The longer biscuits were also dipped in chocolate, and then allowed to dry on transfer sheets, so that golden lettering adhered to the chocolate. Looked very professional. The lettering is made from cocoa butter and coloured with natural colourings, in this case turmeric. I may have placed them the wrong way though...

An altogether enjoyable afternoon, sipping Champagne, and munching on these chocolate-dipped strawberries - Godiva's signature summer treat. Yum.

Thanks to Fabric Magazine and Godiva Chocolates. Good Luck at Wimbledon, Caroline.

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