Thursday, 8 June 2017

Boxcar, Marylebone - Soft Launch Preview

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the exclusive preview party of Boxcar in Marylebone. It's an exciting new venue which multi-tasks like the best of them. Not only is it a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it also doubles as a deli, a butcher's and, just for me, a cocktail bar.

Specializing in prime cuts of meat sourced ethically, independently and locally (I believe Cornwall is local enough when it comes to meat, I can't remember seeing any cows grazing in Hyde Park recently), the menu is short but specific. A mighty good burger, the finest steak and chips, and veggie burgers to end all veggie burgers. Pork pies and in-house barbecue sauce are an absolute must-try - just try not to get the gravy all over your new white shirt...

Fitted out in sections, dark inky tiling with copper trim gives the venue a clean and contemporary look. No stainless steel or blood-stained aprons, the downstairs Butcher's counter offers advice on your meat purchases, the cuts, the cooking, and even a butchery masterclass, if you are so inclined.

Outdoor seating at the front is at the moment taken up by a rather large (and beefy looking) bull, but for summer, there will also be outdoor dining, for enjoying a cocktail or two. Which, by the way, are worth popping in for. If you prefer, there's independent spirits and wines on offer too, making Boxcar pretty much a local corner shop with bells on.

Located just at the back of Marble Arch, this new concept in eating out (or cooking at home, if you prefer) is the perfect stop-off after a hard day's graft in the office, or in the shops. For a short time, Boxcar are offering 50% off their menu, so I recommend trying it now!

Boxcar Butcher & Grill

23 New Quebec Street

Photos courtesy of PalmPR

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  1. Boxcar and Marylebone are the soft launch previews that are posted in year 2017 with the invitation that is lucky enough. This is an excited one for the new venue with the ‌‌ example of the multi tasking ways and the scenario of taking the great compatibility with the fun.


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