Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Cooking of Science. Or, the Science of Cooking.

So. I'm a scientist. Or at least, that's what I do for a job. Which means, I can follow a protocol - a list of instructions in a certain order, adding things to each other, incubating at a certain temperature, which (eventually) gets a result. Same with cooking. Except you can eat it.
Whilst training to be a molecular biologist (i.e. frequenting the many pubs of Cork) I didn't how to cook.
Then one day, Noreen, my sister, took me to Tesco, bought me some mince and a jar of Uncle Ben's Szechuan sauce. She showed me how to chop some onions and peppers, chuck in the mince, add the sauce and there was dinner. Easy!
Gradually, since then, I've become more and more interested in cooking, progressing from Chicken Supreme sauce in a packet, to now cooking for my friends and family. I'd like to say 'from scratch' but I'm not quite making my own pasta or growing my own vegetables. Not yet anyway. Now I like to feed people, and still follow protocols, better known as cookbooks!
I just enjoy it! If it's just a quick dinner in the evening for the two of us, a meal for the kids and the in-laws, or a few friends around with some wine, I like it. It gives me pleasure to see people enjoy something I have created.
So, let's cook!

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