Monday, 16 April 2012

Bowser's Castle Birthday Cake

Yesterday, my little boy turned 7. He is a huge Mario fan and when I asked him what he would like for his cake this year, he said Bowser's Castle. So... a challenge! I have done castles before, but girlie ones. However, I trawled through Google images, went on eBay for a couple of toys (he collects the little figures and didn't have Bowser or Lemmy Koopa yet), and started sketching. I've been thinking about it for about six weeks! So on Friday night I couldn't sleep as I was just making this cake in my head.

I used Nigella's Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake recipe. It's fab! I've used it before and the kids (and adults) like it. And it's reasonably easy even for a beginner! I made two, one square and one circular. Then I cut the circular one in half, place one half on top of the square (trimmed off the wobbly bit that rose in the middle), and used the other half for various towers and turrets. I used a version of the icing as glue - melted chocolate with butter and icing sugar - to stick the towers and turrets into place.

A huge quantity of grey icing was then required to cover the castle. Black food colouring gives the grey effect. Of course I didn't make enough, (no point trying to re-create the same colour in another batch) so I just left the back of the cake un-iced. Nobody look round the back of the cake please!

Then the fun bit!
Rolled out some shop-bought fondant icing in red, cut into the shape of doors.
Wedged some Dairy Milk chocolate squares around the edge for support.
Stuck on some orange chocolate sticks on the steps and around the doors and windows.

Some more chocolate sticks around the edge of the square and circle for some... I dunno... dungeon effect?
Some candles for the fire/lava effect...

And finally, the Bowser and Lemmy Koopa toy figures. I saved those for after he went to bed for a surprise!
And hey, Bowser's Castle Birthday Cake!!

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