Thursday, 1 May 2014

I'm A Celebrity Party for Kids

It was my boy's 9th birthday party in April and he asked for an I'm A Celebrity Jungle Party with bushtucker trials. 'But not just the eating bits.' Being ever so slightly food-related, I thought I'd share the details. Himself and I devised a schedule of games and trials to play with 14 9-year-olds. What were we thinking...
'Ann't and Dec, the hosts...

We hired a hall, decorated it jungle-stylee, with some palm tree wall hangings, green streamers and green balloons, with Home Camp (the decorated dining area) and an Away Camp (just some chairs, with some toy snakes/critters hanging around).

The 'Jungle'
As each 'celebrity' arrived, they dipped into an Aussie hat (with corks!) full of ping pong balls, and a red dot sent them to the Home Camp, a black dot to the Away Camp. This gave us two teams of seven...

First Trial: The Malteaser Straw Sucking Game

Each team lined up. A bowl of malteasers at one end. Each child had a straw. The first in line sucked the malteaser up (suck it! don't blow it!) and placed it on the plate, for the next person, and it was passed down the line like this. NO HANDS ALLOWED! (Ok maybe a few hands were allowed!!).

The team with the most malteasers in the bowl at the end won the trial, got to go to Home Camp and eat a bowl of malteasers. Clean, fresh ones, of course. Not all splidgy and salivated upon...

And everyone wins a star.

Second Trial: The Shock Box

Wearing our homemade blindfolds, the 'slebs' had to put their hands inside a box and guess the contents. The box contained feathers, newspapers and wool but that was just to scare them...
Each pair (one from each team) had to guess - both were given a chance to guess what it was, and if they were right they got a star.

Correct guesses:

Busy Bug spiders, Hex Bugs, a peeled banana, a peeled squashy orange, creme eggs cut in half, a toothbrush, and a human hand (Himself's...)

Incorrect guesses:

Ants, a tiger (A TIGER?), a snake, wool (correct but doesn't count!), worms, a toad (that was the orange!), a frog...

The winning team get a treat in Home Camp.

Busy Bug Spider

Third Trial: Blindfold Water Cups

Again, with the homemade blindfolds, and one person was chosen to 'direct'. Each team stood in a line, and put on their blindfolds. The director then got a full glass of water and an empty glass. The first person in line then had to pour the water into the empty glass held by the next person, directed by the director, who was NOT ALLOWED TO USE HIS HANDS! Just his instructions.

It wasn't a race, the team with the most water in the last cup won the Home Camp treat.

There was some spillage.
And some extra directing as the cup moved down the line!
A star for the winning team.

At this point, we interjected with some public voting (that's myself and Himself). One of the Home Camp had to move to Away Camp and vice verse. This may have been because of excessive shouting and over-enthusiasm, but that wasn't a bad thing!

Fourth Trial: Ping Pong Flick & Catch

This involved everyone having a go at flicking a ping pong ball, for their team member to catch in a cup. Each had three attempts to catch. Catching a ball earned a star. Winning team with the most stars go to Home Camp for a treat.

Fifth Trial: Critter Eating (A Proper BushTucker Trial!)

Despite the expectations of some other parents, I didn't spend hours in the kitchen! But we did have some real critters to eat. Not everyone got to eat everything, but anyone who did, got a star.

I didn't get any good pictures of the 'food' but here's what they had to eat:

CRICKETS! Yes, real ones.
Mealworms and Crickets, covered in chocolate. Again, real ones.
Sour jellies.
Chocolate covered raisins.

I did prepare some delicious 'Earthworm/Cockroach Shake' but ran out of time...
It contained apple juice, green food colouring, and melted marshmallows. With a plastic cockroach. Nice. Actually, it did taste nice...

Sixth Trial: Slimey Jelly Cockroach Bobbing

This one was the most fun! I prepared two bowls of green lime jelly, with extra green colouring, and let the cockroaches sit/float in it. I did it in layers, so they were at different depths.

Swimming goggles on, each child had a go at dunking in and getting the 'roach out with their mouth...
Nobody wanted to eat the jelly afterwards though...

A star for everyone who retrieved a cockroach. Winning team go Home.

Seventh Trial: Finding Stars Amongst the Slimey Worms

Spaghetti, oil, food colouring, rats, spiders, cockroachs, giant ants... (none real, unfortunately), and blindfolds. They had to get their hands in and feel for the stars, not knowing what else was in there. It was the FEAR! Everyone who found a star, got a ... well, a star.

A couple of trials we didn't have time for:

A race to separate the cereals into their two colours... avoiding the spiders!

Walking in a straight line, blindfolded, on bubble wrap...

And finally, we added up the stars, announced the winning camp and the King of the Jungle got an extra prize. And no, it wasn't the birthday boy!

And of course, cake...

Thanks to our good friend who helped decorate and took photos.
Natural History Museum Shop, NHM Cromwell Road, SW7


  1. Brilliant.... just like... excellent.. fair play 2 ye, Ann't n de'G !!

  2. Amazing!! What a fantastic idea for a birthday party, so original, I love it! You look fantastic with your Ant and Dec masks too! :) x

    1. Thanks! It really was fun. Great for that age-group.

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