Sunday, 10 March 2013

50th Birthday Spurs Cake

A birthday cake to serve 50 people for a 50th birthday. For a Tottenham Hotspur fan. Could you guess...?

Six Victoria Sponges (Annie Bell recipe) [square, obviously] chopped into a football jersey shape.

3 layers.

Between each layer I covered it in vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam. Then, taking heed of Delia's advice on her new online cookery school, I brushed away all the crumbs... who would have thought of doing that!

Then white ready-to-roll fondant to cover the entire cake.
I modeled the letters, numbers and the logos out of navy blue (not purple!) fondant icing, using a template for the cockerel that I made from greaseproof paper, and then the white detail from the white fondant.
A bit more fondant for the collar, and shoulder stripes, and I think it'll do.

Smothered in buttercream

Spread liberally with Strawberry

Ready to go...

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