Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Cake Pop Workshop at The Make Lounge with Rhubarb&Rose

April at Rhubarb&Rose teaches a Cake Pop workshop at the Make Lounge in Islington, about once a month before she heads off on her travels to South America. Her blog showcases her beautiful creations with superb photography and tantalizing treats to inspire your own cake pop fest.

The cake pop is made from chocolate sponge and buttercream icing (80:20 ratio), moulded into ball shapes (or sausage for the sheep, or indented for the apple). Then chilled for at least two hours in the fridge. April had prepared all this beforehand so we didn't have to wait for two hours during the class. She also had the candy melts melted and ready, mixed with a tablespoon or so of vegetable oil. We were shown how to dip the stick in the candy melt, then into the cake ball about halfway through, then to dip in the candy melt and cover it entirely, followed by gently tapping off the excess all the way round, until smooth. Then they are left to set while we prepare the various decorations. Using a variety of sprinkles, fondant icing shaped by modelling or with shaped plungers, or indeed handmade free-style decorations, we created a variety of wonderfully cute and pretty edible cake pops.

For instructions and inspiration, take a look at Rhubarb&Rose for tutorials, or book in for a workshop (the price includes a glass or two of wine!). I had such a great evening and learned how to make smooth and ever-so-cute cake pops - we got to make 6 pops as demonstrated by April and one free-style one - mine got eaten I'm afraid, so no photo.
A piggy, a sheep, and a Disney apple
A marble, flowers by plungers, and sprinkles

Snow White's apple - shaped before dipping

Marble effect - made by dipping then drizzling
Piggy and sausage-shaped Timmy
And a little bow...


  1. Very cute - I had some cake left over from Blue's comic relief cake effort and thought about making cake pops inspired by your irish ones, but then I decided against(not enough time, feeling fraught). However I whizzed up the cake into crumbs and put it into the freezer and now I'm feeling all inspired!

  2. Excellent idea! Please share when you make them! I find if you mix the crumbs with the buttercream they last in the fridge for a good while as well, wrapped in clingfilm.
    My Irish ones look pretty rubbish now that I know how to make them all smooth!!
    Thanks for reading A x


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