Monday, 2 September 2013

A Taste of Tenerife

Having been to Tenerife four times before (it's easy with kids, and grandparents on tap to babysit - that's my story and I'm sticking to it) I wasn't expecting much from the food - typical tourist fodder like steak and peppercorn sauce (infused with washing up liquid), chicken and chips, pizza and pies - so the search for a decent meal was on.

The best of the lot was Sebastian Restaurant, located in Sunset Bay Club Resort in Playa de las Americas. Pricier, yes, than the average beach-front caff, or even the swankier looking Italians overlooking the beach, but very much worth it. Service was smiley and knowledgeable, and some well known pop tunes were turned into Spanish guitar pieces for our listening pleasure. The menu was devoid of any of the aforementioned fodder and authentic tapas was on offer. The mixed chorizo and chistorra sausages were spicy and tender, the salmon looked tiny, but was actually extremely filling, with Canarian potatoes, and the duck with orange sauce was one of the best I've had. The filet of cherne looked very appetising too, as all dishes were presented beautifully with drizzles of sauce which could have been painted on with a fine brush.

Mixed chorizos and chistorra sausages
Salmon fillet with mussels in a lemon and champage cream
Half roast duck with orange &Grand Marnier sauce

Next best was Odissea, on Puerto Colon, overlooking the harbour and the beach. The draw for this place was several big screens showing some football match (bad timing for me), but it was still felt like being in a restaurant, rather than a pub and along with the usual fayre, served a great range of tapas dishes. We chose six between us, and it went beautifully with the bottle of Rioja, and to be fair, the football didn't last as long as the meal.
Odissea: Tapas

Our last evening was spent again on Puerto Colon, in Las Olas. I ordered steak, finally, after resisting both steak and chips the whole holiday. It was entitled 'Islas de Canarias', which meant it was served with a red mojo sauce, convincing enough. It arrived, plastered with cheese. I had to scrape the cheese off (it tasted fine, but would have filled me up after two mouthfuls), and worked through the medium rare steak in time. Cooked nicely, though it became chewier as it grew colder!
Las Olas: Fillet Steak -' Islas de Canarias'

A surprisingly nice meal, barbecue chicken with mojo sauce, at Aberdeen 'Steakhouse', on Avenue Ernesto Sarti (opposite the Iberostar - easy access to Mamma Mia on a Monday night!). However the rest of my party were disappointed with their steaks (strange, for a steakhouse, don't you think?) and the manager seemed rather rude and distracted having to accommodate a group of eight.

Restaurante Aberdeen: Barbecue chicken, rice with mojo sauce

Disappointingly, our meal at The Great Little Italy, on Calle Paris didn't live up to my expectations, as last time we visited I remember it being good. Great views of the beach (and the roofs of the restaurants below), and very accommodating staff. Our waiter was wonderful and spent much time making sure we were all comfortable, and the kiddies 'free' ice cream was very generous. My swordfish, sadly, was thin and undercooked. All the pizzas were scoffed within minutes though, although there was some other football match about to begin, I'm told...

The Great Little Italy: Swordfish

A couple of meals that I took photos of, and enjoyed, but can't remember the name of the restaurants (read: too many afternoon G&Ts):
Sea bass with asparagus
Rabbit salmorejo

Overall, I would encourage any visitor to Tenerife to try and sample the local fresh fish, avoid the imported meats, and try and make your own peppercorn sauce, at home, and then you will know what it should taste like before you go!
To the restaurant owners, please please please make us tourists eat proper Spanish food!
Egg n Chips... pah. 


  1. No wonder you looked so well at the event yesterday! Great to meet you, sounds like you had a fabulous holiday as well as those wonderful macaron!

    1. That is very kind of you to say, although with all the holiday food, and all those delicious macarons, I may need to join you back on the 5:2 now! Plenty of inspiration on your website!


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