Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Cookbook Signings by Famous People!

Two in one day!

My culinary hero, Spanish chef Jose Pizarro: A friend works near his Bermondsey restaurants, casually chats to him on occasion, and may have inadvertently indicated that I am a crazed fan...

Jose Pizarro sends his love!

Also the charming and entertaining (in real life!) Deb Perelman who writes the fabulous and infamous Smitten Kitchen blog; she was amongst a group of food bloggers who have become real food writers with published cookbooks at Divertmenti Cookery School in Marylebone last night. I was torn between buying Deb's book or James Ramsden's Do-Ahead Dinners, also a supper-club/dinner party guru, so sorry James, but I went for the fame...

Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen
'Start by faking it, then you can actualize it.'
It was a lovely evening, listening to how each of them started out as bloggers, and through their pure love of food and sheer hard work, became renowned published cookbook authors. Working with food all day, then writing about it - what a dream job! Also talking about the changing world of food writing, and what inspires their cooking and writing were Rosie Lovell (Supper with Rosie), Ellie Grace (Kitchen & Co), and Tim Hayward (Food DIY). 

Perhaps one day...

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