Monday, 4 November 2013

November Supper Club - Meat- Wheat- and Poultry-free Spanish Night

The best nights are the nights you don't plan. In theory. But I planned this. I had to. One wheat-intolerant guest, one vegetarian, and one with a poultry-phobia. And two normals. It was still the best night though!

We started with some Prosecco and then some Cava, just because...


Goat's Cheese and Fennel Fritters served with Mojo di Cilantro

Goat's Cheese and Fennel Fritters...
... with Mojo di Cilantro

Following a José Pizzaro recipe for fennel and onion squash fritters, I used fennel and goat's cheese, dipped in cornflour and then egg. I fried them first, set them aside and then just popped them in the oven later once my guests had arrived. 
Served with mojo di cilantro from the same book, a coriander and garlic salsa, extremely salty but deliciously so, they ladled it on!

Main Course:

Vegetarian Paella
Catalan Spinach

Paella (not vegetarian anymore)

Catalan Spinach

Paella and Spinach

Well, vegetarian up to a point. I followed José's recipe for Seafood Paella, leaving out all the seafood, up to the point where you add the peas and then simmer at the end. Here, I separated out a vegetarian portion, and then chucked in some scallops, prawns and chorizo, 8 more minutes and it was ready.

The Catalan spinach is the simplest, tastiest salad dish I've ever eaten, simply fried shallots, pine nuts and raisins, and then toss the spinach in this - not even long enough for it to wilt.


Berry Soufflé with White Chocolate

Berry Soufflé

This was the best dessert I've made for ages. It was a blackberry and raspberry soufflé - recipe from a Sainsbury's recipe card I randomly picked up! I was a soufflé virgin so it was a little daunting, but oh my goodness, it worked and it tasted divine, particularly drizzled with lots of extra melted white chocolate. 

I think we had more Cava then...

Thank you José Pizarro! And my lovely awkward friends.

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