Monday, 2 February 2015

Baileys Birthday Cupcakes

Birthday Girl Loves Baileys!
We wanted to bring a special cake to our friend's 40th, and we knew she was a Baileys fan, so why not incorporate chocolate and booze, as suggested by her husband? Why not indeed. While I baked them, my designer friend at Funktional Kitchens came up with the simple but effective decoration. Which of course was suitably embarrassing... 

This great recipe is from Sarah @MaisonCupcake. The quantities in her recipe were perfect and made about 30 cupcakes, about 6 of which were used for essential taste testing purposes! Hic...


  1. I love the way you & your friend styled the cupcakes - looks fab. Cakes look good too, although I can't face Baileys any more - probably drank too much of it in my 20s...

    1. Thanks Sally! It was quite a simple idea really, which made it effective (we think!). They did taste good, I promise. Not tooooooo alcoholic!!


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