Saturday, 14 February 2015

Moving Kitchen

It's been a bit quiet of late on here. My dear readers, all 14 of you, I feel I have abandoned you. It has not been quiet in RL though! We have just moved house. And I haven't cooked or baked in ages. Takeaway kebabs... toast... frozen pizza... fish 'n' chips... yet to find an Indian...

The trouble with moving is... I miss my kitchen. I feel as though I have downgraded. From my beautiful fully functional kitchen to a sort of studenty one.

But we will fill it with old pieces. And I will learn how long an electric hob takes...

And soon, as soon as I can, I'll unpack those cake tins. Watch this space.

My much-loved new kitchen in the old house

Super-duper induction hob and double oven 

Old kitchen in new house :(


We just bought this baby through eBay. A retro Ducal sideboard, with a granite work-top. Now to fill it with spices and baking tins... Better already!


  1. The new kitchen is lovely and streamlined and it looks like a fabulous place to spend a few happy hours baking.


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