Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Cake&Bake Show

It seems like a long time ago now, but on the 23rd September, my cake-loving friend and I went to the Cake&Bake Show at Earl's Court. As I left my house on that dreary morning, I couldn't help but feel inwardly excited to have a whole day to spend surrounded by pretty, edible, and inspiring cakes. When I arrived at Earl's Court, I was greeted by George Michael. Not literally, unfortunately (well, maybe quite fortunately), but his image posted onto the front of the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre. However, I met with my good friend (and photographer), Shani, and we followed the steady trickle of fellow cake-lovers inside the exhibition centre. 

The first stand we came to was that of the British Sugarcraft Guild. At first, I thought it was a picnic spread, before realizing everything, yes, everything, from the flowers to the sausage rolls to the teapot, even the napkins, was made from icing. To quote Shani, 'Ah-MAZ-ing'! Really spectacular. Of course, there was a sign to say 'Do Not Touch', fair enough, but it was so tempting just to get really close and check. 

The British Sugarcraft Guild Stand, that teapot is real!
Table of Honour. Those shoes!

Napkin, anyone?
Flowers of icing

Some other really impressive stands below:

Lace Designs by Karen Davies

More Karen Davies

Tracy's Cakes

Squires Kitchen Publishing Stand
Beautiful Ballerina by Squires Kitchen

Shani and I sampled some Lovoka vodka liqueur, caramel and chocolate flavours, at the Emerald Street stand. The nice boy took our photo too.

I met the lovely Peggy Porschen in her beautiful boutique stand. Looking a bit sleepy after that vodka... sorry Peggy!

Peggy Porschen has a bespoke cake company based in Belgravia, London. I want one of those aprons, please, Santa.

A sneaky photo of Mich Turner, her cakes were also just incredibly beautiful, she was a popular lady that day, for sure.  She is the founder of The Little Venice Cake Company and has quite a lot of celebrity clientele. 

We tried to get close to Mr Hollywood, and then he chucked some of Mary Berry's roulade at us!
I don't think the Food Heaven Magazine guy knew we were taking a sneaky photo of his stand -  or did he...? Hmm... I should have just asked him for a job really.

Below are some more incredible cake designs: (I so want to be able to do this!)

Debbie Brown

This is so clever!


And finally we came to the The Edible Beach Competition. You can see all the entries on the Facebook page, but they were all absolutely amazing. Non-professionals? Incredible.

These are my favourites:
Fish 'n' Chips. This was the non-professional Winner.

Rock Pools

Beach Bag

A fabulous, inspiring day. I made some purchases, of course, a few little tools of the trade, which hopefully will be of use in my new career! A big Thank You to Shani for the photos and the support. 
Can't wait for next year...

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