Friday, 28 September 2012

Cupcake Decorating Class at Sugarshack

On my day off yesterday (day off from my 'proper' job, day ON my potential new career!) I took a cupcake decorating class at Sugarshack with the lovely Ria. There were about 15 in the class, and we all began with an introduction to ourselves and why we were here. Experience ranged from completely new to baking to mums who have become addicted (and quite accomplished in one case, Gabby!) and a young girl who takes a class where-ever she goes in the world, from Israel to New York to Queensbury, London.

Luckily for us we didn't have to waste any time actually baking the cupcakes or making the icing. Ria had all that prepared for us. She first showed us how to fill out piping bags without dropping it all over the floor, which was a revelation for me - just fold down the piping bag!

The first nozzle was a star tip, so we were show how to hold the bag vertically and plop a little star/flower all around our dummy cupcakes. Very effective, with the right pressure.

Star nozzle

Next, using the same nozzle, for sea-shell shapes, or tadpoles, as Ria likes to call them. Couldn't quite master this one...


Next we learned how to use a C shape, interlocking with a backward C shape to make this weavy type pattern: I liked this a lot.


Then we switched nozzles, to the leaf nozzle. This I found difficult at first, piping and then fading the pressure away outwards (Ria's terminology was much better, but hasn't managed to retain itself in my brain!). But eventually got the hang of it.

Leaf nozzle

The last nozzle we got to practice with was (I think) a large drop flower one, with which we could make some swirly ice-cream type patterns:

Ice cream!
And a beautiful rose: This was my favourite - it's much simpler than it looks to achieve.


Then the even more fun part, we got to add colours, glitters and pearl luminescence, and decorate our own.
Fun Fun Fun!

And later, when I got home, I was inspired (and required!) to make some cakes for the MacMillan Coffee Morning at school, so I used only glacé icing (used up all my butter earlier in the scones and cupcakes), so my spirals didn't keep their shape, but I was able to practice on my daisy mould...

Lovely bunch of people, and a really good teacher, the time flew, but I would love to go to another class very soon - to learn the simple techniques that make cakes look impressive.

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