Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Choccywoccydoodah Secret Tea Party

Last Thursday (yes, nearly a week ago - sorry, I got whisked away for the weekend for our 10th wedding anniversary - to Swindon. Ok, the Cotswolds, but we stayed in Swindon. With the kids.) I was invited to a Secret Tea Party for Food Writers and Bloggers!! Me!! Of course it was a wonderful opportunity to meet some fellow food and chocolate lovers and writers, and discover London's latest party hotspot.

It was at the Choccywoccydoodah London Shop, where Christine, the creative genius behind the shop, was launching her Secret. She said being in the room was like being inside her head.

We were welcomed with salted caramel milkshakes, champagne, and unlimited chocolate. That's UNlimited chocolate.

Help yourself!

A lot of wedding people were there, which is nice, as the Secret Room would be perfect for a hen party, or a small, dessert-only wedding reception. And the cake would be phenomenal.

We were then shown the Secret Room - you can read a wonderful version of events by Samantha at A Little London Wedding, and see some beautiful photos which capture the evening perfectly at Tino and Pip (that's me in the starry dress, looking all, well, starry...). Thanks to both of you for the links.

Below are just a few photos I took myself, but to be honest I was too busy quaffing and indulging! Met some lovely people too, other bloggers, whom I have stalked got in touch with afterwards and admire their blogs too. Thank you Christine, if you're watching!

The Secret Room
Greeted by cake
Christine chats to the lucky invitees

I could eat here!

A little bit of Wonderland

The cake we had to eat. All of.
A little more Wonderland

I thought these were cakes at first!

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