Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Forever Nigella #22 Food to Cherish your Loved Ones

Forever Nigella #22 is hosted by Sally of Recipe Junkie and the Attack of the Custard Creams.. This month’s challenge is to blog any Nigella recipe which represents Food to Cherish your Loved Ones.
 Forever Nigella is organised by Sarah at Maison Cupcake.

I don't actually own any Nigella cookbooks (Shock! Horror! Although it is my birthday soon...) but I have been dipping and diving on, and this Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake was one of the first cakes I made for my little boy and has been a resounding success every single time I've made it.

First attempt was a practice run for my little boy's 6th Birthday cake. A 'Well Done at School Cake' it was called.

Next appearance was at the 6th Birthday itself...
6th Birthday Mario and Luigi Cake

And then my little girl jumped on the bandwagon for her fifth - a Tangled cake.
This was a square Nigella, plus some mini Victoria sponges for the tower:
5th Birthday Rapunzel Tangled Cake

Followed by Grandma's 75th - 75 sweets for decoration instead of candles... (trebled Nigella's quanities here!)
Grandma's 75th Birthday Chocolate Cake

And then by special request, my little boy's seventh birthday 'That chocolate cake again this time with Bowser's Castle, please, Mammy'. So a round one, and a square one, with the round one chopped up to make various turrets.

7th Birthday Bowser's Castle Birthday Cake

And my little girl's turn again, for her sixth.
First a practice run - doubled the quantities again for this giant cupcake, and then a repeat of this for a My Little Pony special.
Scrummy Suppers & Quirky CakesMy Little Pony Birthday Cake

A friend at work, who, strange as it may seem, loves chocolate cake... simplicity working surprising well.

Work Girl Birthday cake

And finally (for now) a friend's little girl turned four, asking only for purple, orange and green... well what else could I do, besides chop Nigella's round cake in half and make a Rainbow cake.

Rainbow Cake

So if you love someone, make them a chocolate cake!

Forever Nigella.


  1. Fantastic cakes, Annie! Totally agree that Chocolate Cake fits the bill. I'll add it in to the linky if that's OK?

  2. Thank you! It works every time as well, which makes it all the more appealing! Forever Nigella!

  3. Those cakes look wonderful! Chocolate cake wins every time...Xx

    1. Thank you! Yes I agree you can't beat chocolate cake... Enjoying your blog too. x

  4. Nigella should be giving you a prize for person who has made the most beautiful chocolate cakes with her recipe! I love your creative decorations, designed for each special person. Just beautiful!

  5. Love all of your cakes!! The decorations are amazing!! It's nice to have a good cake that is a crowd pleaser and so universal!


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