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Squid&Pear, Sustainable Street Food, Ethical Event Catering

Bei Li, Photographer

In early December, I was lucky enough to be asked to assist photographer Bei Li on a seasonal food photo shoot, with chef Claire (Pear) who has worked in Michelin starred restaurants, and Lisa (Squid) who has a background in photo-shoot production but now prefers to be known as a 'great eater'. They both have a passion for food which is evident in the way they work, and the enthusiasm they portray when talking about what they do. Squid&Pear have been awarded a Three Star sustainability rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, the first ever catering company to do so. And well deserved too!
'We provide top-notch seasonal and sustainable catering for events, photoshoots, film/TV shoots, weddings, office meetings and parties - or any other occasion where there are palates to delight and bellies to fill in London.'

On my arrival, Pear was already busy preparing for that evening's dinner party, so Bei and I took the seasonal vegetables outside to make the most of a winter's day sunlight. Bei made the most of the natural light and chose the most appropriate of backgrounds on which to shoot - a conveniently unused outdoor cafe with raw wooden tables and white-washed walls.
As Squid arrived with the much needed hand-warming device (coffee!) we moved on to shoot the freshly delivered seafood, which Pear needed to cook for that evening.

I look forward to seeing Bei's photographs on the website, but below are my attempts to capture her compostitions on my camera phone.

Beautiful beetroots - red Crimson Globe, yellow Burpee's Golden and some British heritage carrots
Seasonal vegetables


Scallops, mussels and a crab who was so cold he stayed still for the shoot!
A huge thank you to Bei for her guidance, and to Lisa and Claire for teaching me the word 'epicurean'.

Eco Age Interview
Honest Cooking Interview

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