Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Coconut and Cointreau Truffle Pops

New Year's Eve. Travelled back from up North. Invited to friends' house avec kids. 'Shall I bring some food?' 'Only if you have time'. So I quickly rustled up some brownies...

And then attempted some truffles!

These were purely an experiment. I loosely based the recipe on Snowmen Rum and Chocolate truffles from The Vintage Tea Party by Angel Adoree.

I heated some creamed coconut, dissolved in about 150 ml water. Then added a large knob of butter and melted this together. Then poured this hot mixture over 150g dark chocolate broken up into squares,whisking as I went to melt the chocolate slowly. Then added a pinch of salt and a couple of measures of Cointreau. Once the mixture was smooth, I chilled it in the fridge until firm. Unfortunately this didn't happen before we had to leave for the party... so they stayed there until well after midnight!

It was quite solid by the time I began to shape them, but still went a bit gooey in my hands. I took a teaspoon or so and just rolled them vaguely into a truffle shape, stuck in a cake pop stick, rolled in some sprinkles or cocoa powder and left them to set again. 

Attempted some styling on New Year's Day...



  1. Brownies are brilliant for that aren't they - and I like thelook of those truffles. I've seen that book at a friend's house and covet it!

    1. Absolutely! Quick and delicious - my favourite kind of food! The truffles are very very rich to be fair, but quite scrummy. Thanks for reading! A x


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