Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Red Wine Velvet Cake

Another work birthday cake. Like London busses, none for ages, and then three at once. Or in this case, two. My good friend is a huge cake fan, so the pressure was on, her favourite being Red Velvet cake from a renowned American bakery. Her mum is also a phenomenal cook (I have first-hand evidence of this from our work cooking club).

I found this recipe in The Stylist one evening on my commute home, and immediately thought of her. I sent her a photo of the recipe and she wanted it (I quote: OH. MY. GOD!!!!! CAN YOU MAKE IT FOR ME PLEEEEEEEEEASE?!!!!). So I gave it a go. Originally from the wonderful food blog by Smitten Kitchen, it appeals on so many levels, it's impossible to resist. 

Whilst my attempt at first looked a tad messy and nothing like the elegantly styled cake from the recipe tear, once it was cut into, it looked pretty nice. The reaction of colleagues was all good - Italians are a tough audience after all - and indeed my good friend commented it was 'quite possibly the best cake I've had in years!' Well you can't say fairer than that.

Try it. You will enjoy it, and there will even be a large glass of Rioja left over to enjoy while you wait for it to bake..

Red Wine Velvet Cake


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