Monday, 1 December 2014

The Tree Biscuiteers

Whilst the fireworks were still sparkling in the sky, the festive season itself was beginning to twinkle when Fabric magazine sent me along to the quirky Icing Café, The Biscuiteers Boutique in Notting Hill. In the window, a ski chalet, made entirely from iced gingerbread was setting the festive mood, and on display inside the shop, an array of beautifully hand-decorated biscuits - rows of festive Jolly Gingers ('tis the season to be, after all), a nativity scene, and for the creative, a DIY gingerbread house. All of which can be gift-wrapped or presented in beautifully illustrated tins. There are even Biscuity Christmas cards - an edible AND ethical way to greet your loved ones this festive season.

I was entrusted with some pre-flooded gingerbread baubles, to decorate howsoever I wished, and it turns out, it's not as easy as it looks. Yes I've decorated lots of cakes and individual edible bits, but the detail and intricacy required gave me a bit of cramp! Hand-icing involves a steady hand, an eye for detail and the willpower to resist eating them before they have dried. My finished snowflake baubles would have looked beautiful on the Christmas tree, but the aroma of gingerbread defeated me and they were gone almost before the kettle had boiled...

Hand-iced Gingerbread Baubles

The Icing Cafe offers icing masterclasses, both for children and grown-ups (office party idea, perhaps?), and a new Biscuiteers Boutique opened up at the end of November on Northcote Road, where all the in-house icing is done in an open kitchen, so clients can watch their bespoke biscuits being designed and decorated, while drinking a warming cuppa in a T.G. Green designer mug. I'd love to stock up on some more bespoke Yuletide goodies, open those tantalising tins and fill some festive stockings and I hope to be back in Notting Hill soon to train as a real Biscuiteer.

Biscuiteers Boutiques & Icing Cafés
13 Northcote Road SW11 1NG
194 Kensintgon Park Road, W11 2ES

Jolly Gingers
Christmas Biscuits


  1. very cute biscuits. I'd have eaten them too, though...


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