Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Marco's Cottage Pie

I've had Marco's Great British Feasts (that's a SIGNED copy 'Ann Tmmmmmy Coommmmy MmmmmO x - whatever that means!) for quite a while, but haven't tried any of the recipes yet. Perusing the fridge, I spied some mince beef, and some spuds (yaay!  they weren't in the fridge though, obviously) so Cottage Pie it is.

I followed it fairly well to the letter, except for red onions instead of white, dried thyme (sorry Marco!) and ketchup instead of tomato puree. Oh, and red wine instead of white... fancy not having any white wine in!
Overall a fairly easy recipe, and it tasted really good. A bit slushy, but can't blame Marco for that, I should have let it cook off a bit longer. As Himself said, no need for graaaaavy!

Marco's Cottage Pie

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