Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sausages and Mash - with new pots!

No, I don't mean new potatoes (I can't get the hang of that shorthand, 'new pots', just say spuds if you want to shorten it!). I mean new POTS! A new saucepan to replace the one I burnt the kids' rice in a few weeks back... but it came in a set with a frying pan, everyday pan (what's one of those, you say? so did I... it's the flat little one with two handles) and another large saucepan. Greenpan brand. Aren't they beautiful. (Yes I know, easily pleased...)

My new Greenpan pots and pans
So the first meal I made with them was simple ole Sausage and Mash. I wasn't really in the mood for cooking (WHAT!?) as I was feeling a bit crap with cold/flu/aches/pains, but we still gotta eat, so I just used some Taste the Difference chilli pork sausages - fried GENTLY, then added a red onion, a crushed garlic and a little later some asparagus, to the frying pan. No, not the new one, don't be silly! Not going to mess that one up...
Then just boiled some Maris Pipers in the new big saucepan - oh ok, got to break them in sometime. Mashed that up with a knob of butter, splash of milk, easy peasy. (Although I shouldn't use metal in the new pans...)  Oh and Himself needed extra Bisto graaaaavy...

Sausage and Mash. 


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