Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Simple Grilled Rainbow Trout

Tonight, Himself and myself are both feeling a bit under the weather (the really crap weather we're having - and we're feeling Under it), so just wanted something quick and simple for dinner. I almost couldn't be bothered, and after trawling through several cookbooks, disregarding anything that would take too much effort, Himself suggested just simple rainbow trout. Luckily he'd been to Sainsbury's today, so we had some! He took care of the potatoes, and I just threw the trout in a tray, with a squeeze of lemon, a couple of wedges of lemon, two chopped chillies, a quartered red onion and a dash of olive oil. Shoved it under the grill for about 15 minutes. Meantime slowly pan-fried some asparagus and red pepper. It was ready in time for The Apprentice, and it was lovely. Just the job.
And now I feel a little better, I think it was the chilli that did it!
Or the red wine...

Grilled Rainbow Trout with chilli


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